Saturday, November 5, 2011

Physical Connection, Emotional Connection

Day 001

Why did you fall for the person you fell for? Was it because they held your hand when you cried, or because they kissed you, or cuddled with you to make you feel warm and safe? That's not feelings. That's physical protection that we all want from that special someone. Humans begin growing a connection for another person over their personality and maybe even have a bit of an attraction to their appearance, which a webcam or pictures can provide for you. So, then why does everyone say that long distance relationships can't work out because the physical connection isn't there? Physical connection can always wait. You grow trust in a long distance relationship and learn to be honest with one another. The only reason why a long distance relationship could not work out is because you do not want it to. You have to be willing and control yourself to not want that physical connection with anyone around you, but really want that emotional connection with the person who lives miles away.

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